The Bonneville Trails Foundation...

Founded: September 2016

501c3 Status: July 2018

Director Marketing:  Greg Hartnell

Director Community Relations: Tom Jermann

Exec Director: Jacob Meyer

Mission Statement: To develop and coordinate projects towards creating a recreational hub in North Bonneville.


PO BOX 211

North Bonneville, WA 98639

Bonneville Trails Foundation History

A Fifteen Year Evolution..

The Bonneville Trails Foundation beginnings can be traced back to 2005 when a community visioning process was coordinated by the North Bonneville City Planning Commission. With strong positive feedback received relating to the community's trail/pathway system coming from this process, the Planning Commission embarked on a project to create "Heritage Trail" routes along portions of the pathways highlighting the history and beauty of the area. In 2012 this project was expanded to include the Bigfoot family theme which has grown into a family of over 20 various Sasquatch characters out and about along the trails. 

Due to the growth of this trails vision with more new projects envisioned, it was decided that a non-profit be formed allowing work to continue beyond the scope of city Planning Commission functions. Thus, in the summer of 2016, the Bonneville Trails Foundation non-profit was officially formed. It continues to this day as an ambitious group with a vision of making North Bonneville a recreational hub point within the western Columbia River Gorge. 

If you have interest or curiousity in anything to do with the trails of North Bonneville and it's surrounding areas or the Adventure Park project, don't hesitate to contact us.