Meet the Bigfoots


Caution... Imagination required…

Hello to all. My name is Great Elder Bigfoot. I, along with my son, stand as a beacon of welcome to all of those coming into North Bonneville’s main entrance. We are the first of our kind to have migrated from our old homes in the surrounding Cascade forests to live within this human community. This community was chosen based on its many unique attributes compared to most other human settlements. As you enter, look upon the grass knoll and you will see us. Feel free to pull into the adjacent parking area near where I stand and come say hello. (left at city entrance stop sign, then immediate left into parking area next to firehouse).

There are others of our Sasquatch clan that have also come to this community. See how many you can spot out on the trails!


The Bigfoot Family

Located at the Discovery Loop parking area. Visit Mamma and Papa Bigfoot with their children including a baby sasquatch! They are always up for a photo op. 


The Littlefeet

These adorable Bigfoot children can be seen mostly in the Discovery Loop area playing in the rocks and the trees. Follow the white-footsteps around the short pathway loop through the park and see how many you can find! 


The Littlefeet Interpretive Signs

As you walk the Discovery Loop in search for Littlefeet keep an eye out for specialized Littlefeet interpretive signs. These one of a kind footprint signs describe some of the things the Littlefeet love about the community! 


The Discovery Trail Bigfoots

Along the Hamilton Creek Discovery trail are several Bigfoots with a range of personalities! Keep your eyes peeled as you make your way around this 2-mile loop and you just may spot a few! These Bigfoots are also part of the official Bigfoots Geocache Tour. For more info on the tour click here…

Everything from a golfing bigfoot to a fishing bigfoot to even a zip line bigfoot can be found on this trail if you look closely enough!