The Trails

The Bonneville Discovery Trails are a 12-mile pathway system meandering through the picturesque Columbia Gorge community of North Bonneville and surrounding areas.  Whether it be a short stroll with the family in search of Bigfoots, a bike adventure into surrounding area trails, or an educational walk along one of several interpretive routes, the trails of Bonneville offer a variety of trail options... 

The Bonneville Trail system offers the only paved and level trail network in the entire Columbia River Gorge.

Aerial of view of North Bonneville with the trails overlaid

Aerial of view of North Bonneville with the trails overlaid 


 Branching off from the community’s Discovery Loop park area, the trails of Bonneville stretch out to all areas of the community and beyond, offering seemingly endless route options.


Within the Bonneville trail network are designated routes featuring interpretive stops highlighting this area's history, environment and surrounding landscape. Explore one of these routes to learn about this beautifully unique area. 


Many of these unique features are what drew an entire family of Bigfoots to this community in 2012.   You just may spot a few of them out and about along the trails. For more info on the Bonneville Bigfoots click here