The Bonneville Adventure Park

Welcome to the developing information and donation center for the Bonneville Adventure Park.  As the project evolves, stay tuned to this site for latest news and donation opportunities.  

Adventure Park Info

What is it? 

The Bonneville Adventure Park is the flagship component of a vision creating a family recreational hub within the Columbia Gorge at North Bonneville, WA. This Bigfoot themed Tree Fort will highlight a one of a kind play experience in the Gorge while paying tribute to area’s belandscape and colorful history, and of course the Bigfoots family theme. 


The Adventure Park concept is envisioned to serve as a catalyst in creating a long sought identity and draw for North Bonneville’s city center area while also improving family play options for the community. Additionally, it would provide an alternative to the commonly overcrowded nearby trailheads and other nearby recreation spots. 

Where will this be?

The site chosen for this project is the city center park area of North Bonneville.  Not only does this site provide ease of access near State Hwy 14, but would provide a potential spark to the city’s central business district which borders it. Additionally, this location is a primary access point to miles of area trails creating a one stop hub point for family recreation in the Gorge. 

What will it include? 

 At full build out the park will contain several play features centered around the flagship tree fort to include a water feature/splash play area, a zip line, and climbing rocks. Details and pics of these features soon to come. 

When does construction start?

The project is still in its early stages, but having received full support from North Bonneville’s City Council, the project’s construction start will largely depend on the success of donation and fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for the launch of specific donation opportunities soon! 

How will this project be funded? 

With emphasis placed on developing this project with grassroots methods, the majority of funds for this project will come from donations and fundraising efforts.  A donation area has been set up in North Bonneville’s City Hall to begin this effort. Stay tuned for an exciting donation program to be launched for an opportunity to leave a personalized lasting legacy towards the design the project.  

City Support...

In support of the vision, the city of North Bonneville has pledged to designate a long held reserve “tourism fund” to match private donations for this project.  This reserve fund (completely separate from any of the city’s general funds) was set up in 2005 through the state’s hotel/motel tax program for the specific purpose of creating a “tourism facility” for North Bonneville. 


Support the Adventure Park Vision

As the majority of funding will come through private means, any contribution makes this vision one step closer to reality. A PayPal account is set up for 100% of any contribution to go directly towards the Adventure Park development.  

Also stay tuned for the launch of additional ways to donate and leave a permanent personal legacy into the project's design. 

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